Cats Review Movies

Cats Review Movies

Cats watch movies. We do, you kno. We love to watch with you, and when you’re not home, we watching them without you. We stream movies on Catflix in special places where you can’t find us. And we dream movies when we are sleeping. We kno whose career will fizzle out long before you humans have a clue.

This site is just what it say: cats review movies! You may not understand our observations, and you may say we are finicky in our tastes, but no big deal since this reflects the state of cat life in general.

What kinds of movies do we review?

Cats Review Movies 
Image: The Asphalt Jungle Poster
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We like film noir because it’s the genre where humans are most likely to act like cats: they are cunning, combative, slinky, sensuous, and they hang out in alleys and other dark places. They could sho more eating and sleeping if you ask us, but the screenwriters rarely asked for feline input in their storylines.

We very partial to noir stars who display obvious feline DNA, like Lauren Bacall, Robert Mitchum, and Veronica Lake. We also notice that some of the leading men of noir feature definite signs of canine DNA like the fierce James Cagney, and some have both, like the smoldery Humphrey Bogart.

Expect to see lots of Very Famous Actors of the Past in our posts. As Human Mom says, “Back in my day, they had faces, and voices!” Oh, wait, she say that’s a line from a movie.

You might also find us watching comedies, musicals, some kinds of science fiction, and cartoons (the humans call it animation). We won’t do too many romantic stories because we don’t get the picky points of human relationships. With cats, it’s “Wa, you got cute face, let’s boop!” Dramas make us sleepy, so we forget to finish. Action pictures make us run around and climb things, so we forget to finish them too. We don’t do Bible epics because, like most cats, we pagans. War pictures are noisy and frighteny. And most horror stuff is too scary, and we scare the humans when we scream!!

Your Cats Review Movies Team!

Solitaire (AKA Solly) and Penelope are strays from the streets of New York, rescued by kindly humans and peacefully coexisting together. We both been fixed, but we still remember the moves, which confounds the humans on a regular basis. Our other hobbies are eating and sleeping and chasing each other and rolling around.

Our Movie of the Week: Cat People (1942)

We must confess to you, dearly readers, we did not kno what Cat People was about until we watched it—we expected a film bout lovey humans and their charming feline families. In other words, a sweet happy comedy. Well, it’s not! It about a human lady under an ages-old curse that might turn her into…

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Note So We no Get into Trouble

We credit all movie pix n posters that we use. All cat photos are our own, or from friends n family.

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CatsReviewMovies is the brainchild (brainkitten?) of Cameron Z. Miller, who is clawing and scratching to make a living during these times of crisis. I am that freelancer you’ve been warned about. Seeking an agent or publisher interested in subversive novels.

Smile—Solitaire and Penelope love you!

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