Our Movie of the Week: Citizen Kane (1941)

Lots of humans say Citizen Kane is one of the bestest movies ever made, n we must go along with them. It not noir, but it comes veti close with the cool black-n-white angles n shadows, and the looming presence of Orson Welles and his canine DNA. (We love looming and do it ourselves sometimes. Okeh, often.) The character Kane talks a lot, v loud. He grows up to be rich n famous in New York. His love life is quite messy, n he demands 100% loyalties from anyone who works for him or else. He reminds us of someone veti famous n scary right now. (Eah!)

Best thing about the movie: Kane collected all sorts of things. (Some humans call this “hoarding.”) The only thing he didn’t collect is fur babies, which is sad. Cats, especially, would have a super time in his mansion with all its many places for hiding, nesting, playing, and knocking stuff over. We would sit on his big lap and cheer him up. And with all his money and staff, no one would ever be without foods. Five paws!

PS: We thinks Citizen would make a charming cat name, male or female. Keep in mind when you’re naming your next litter.

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