Our Movie of the Week: The Asphalt Jungle (1950)

The Asphalt Jungle is not about a real jungle, but about humans doing crime stuff in a little city. (Human Dad called it the underworld, but he didn’t explain what it was under.) A fella with a fancy accent is out to steal a bunch of sparkling jewelries and rounds up a gang to help him commit the deed just so. This picture features all the good stuff: drinking, smoking, gambling, dancing, crooked cops, and lovey ladies. (One is Marilyn Monroe—major feline DNA!)

Best of all, the movie has first-rate cat content. The character Gus is feeding his handsome kitteh on the counter in his diner. A nasty customer insults this innocent fur and brags about running over cats with his car. Gus stands up for all felinekind n tosses the creep out the door. (Yay!) Kitteh returns the favor a little later when his human calls his friends to say he’s in on the robbery, by saying “AREHH,” which translates to “Gus! Don’t do this! Be nice!” Of course, if Gus listened, there’d be no movie! Five paws.

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